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​​Projects for profit and for purpose


We won two international

business case competitions,

one in Central America

and one in the Caribbean.

Gender Equality

GSR will own/operate the World's First Gender Equal Bio-Refinery. 

Gender equality is ingrained

into our business model.


We are united with the goals

to combat climate change,  

to generate high impacts and

to achieve gender equality by 2022.

​​GSR Energy Holdings Ltd. (GSR) is a women-owned Belize LLC focused on development and management of sustainable projects in Belize.

GSR and our industry leading partners will build, own and operate the World’s First Gender Equal Bio-Refinery by 2022.
Gender equal means 50% women inclusion in our Bio-Refinery and the entire value chain.  Employees:  50% women with equal pay     Suppliers:  50% women 

We are project managers who drew from our 20+ years of project execution and operations experiences in Belize and U.S. to develop our project.

Our Gender Equal Bio-Refinery project will process sugarcane into low carbon products to replace high carbon products made from crude oil.

Project is For Profit and For Purpose and is Gender Equal 

Our project creates economic opportunities for project participants, produces high impacts and is gender equal.


Gender Equal



Gender Equal




We do it for the impacts.

Our philosophy is

"Project development

with a purpose."

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Our bio-refinery will process sugarcane into low carbon products to replace high carbon products made from crude oil.  

​​​The World's First Gender Equal Bio-Refinery


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