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​​Projects for profit and for purpose

50% women participation in 450 jobs and 800 contracts with suppliers for 25-year project duration.

​Green Jobs =

Safety Net Against Poverty

Our Story

Our Bio-Refinery project is designed "For Profit and For Purpose and is Gender Equal"

At GSR, we recognize there is a constant struggle between social and environmental responsibility and corporate economic success.

However, we do not have to compromise our responsibilities in order to create economic opportunities for project participants.  

GSR Bio-Refinery project should have a high Bottom Line, as well as, a one of the highest Triple Bottom Lines of any sustainable project.

Our Bio-Refinery project is designed to produce high profits and high impacts while achieving gender equality: 

   1.  High profits:  Provide a favorable bottom line with low risk

   2.  High impacts:  Combat climate change and contribute to the economic and social  development of Belize

   3.  Gender equality:  Achieve the World's First Gender Equal Bio-Refinery by 2022.

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Women will earn equal pay

for equal work

Social Responsibility

Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

Economic Development

Environmental Stewardship

Builds a new pillar for the Belize economy

Reduces GHG emissions equal to

1.2 million barrels of crude oil per year