​​Projects for profit and for purpose

GSR Energy Holdings Ltd. (GSR) is a women-owned Belize LLC which was established by an initiative of Belize and foreign nationals. 

GSR is a development and management company of sustainable projects in Belize which produce low carbon products.  

​We are project managers who draw from our 20+ years of execution and operations experiences to develop our projects.

As such, we reduce costs, mitigate risks, use proven technology and hand-pick our Project Team which includes industry- leading partners

with global experience across the entire value chain.

We use Belize's natural resources to produce low carbon products which create economic opportunities for project participants

while we achieve our common goals which are to:

  • Combat climate change; 
  • Generate high impacts;
  • Achieve the World's First Gender Equal Bio-Refinery by 2022.

Currently, our focus has been our award-winning project, the World's First Gender Equal Bio-Refinery which will operate in the central districts of Belize. 
Our project development efforts paid off by way of international recognition of our project.
The GSR Team won two international business case competitions in which our business plan and financial model were scrutinized by experts.  
Contest winnings of US $225,000 provided a portion of the funding towards our project development efforts.  
In 2017 we completed our final project development milestone; whereby, an Environmental Clearance Permit was awarded.
Our project is shovel ready.

Marketing Strategy

We will export products from Belize and sell to the highest price market.

Belize products are tariff-free

to CARICOM, EU and U.S.


Management Team

GSR's Management Team led

the rest of the GSR Team

to build a a track record of success

in Belize.


Project Team Partners

GSR's Partners have over 20 years of global experience across

the entire sugarcane bio-refining  value chain.



Project Team


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